The benefits of exercise

Sitting still for a long time is not good for your body, whether you’re working from home or sitting in the office behind your desk all day long. The best thing is to alternate sitting and moving with each other. But of course, you can’t just walk away from work. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to combine work and exercise.
For many people, it turns out to be quite a challenge: the combination between working from home and staying in motion. You may be used to going for a nice walk with colleagues at the office and motivate each other to get out of the office chair for a while, but walking on your own is simply ‘different’. Or maybe you used to go by bike to work, the bus or the station. But only a bike ride before and after work requires a lot more discipline.

The benefits of exercise
Mind you, ‘moving’ really doesn’t always have to be something you do by getting out of breath or breaking a sweat. Moving calmly is also good. Exercise ensures better blood flow to the body. Good blood flow stimulates creativity, alertness and productivity. You burn some extra calories and reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. And also important to note: extra exercise while working ensures that you are less tired at the end of the working day

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