ROWING MACHINES use up to 86% of your muscles. This, in turn, helps endurance and strengthens and tones the muscles. Rowing even provides some surprising benefits for your heart and lungs.

When you pull your body back, your shoulders, arms and back have to work. The continuous rowing motion engages your entire body so it boosts your heart rate. This is great for strength and interval training and offers low stress on joints and ligaments. Tunturi® and StairMaster® offer solid choices.



1  Killer Cardio

Cardio exercise can help with weight loss, increase stamina and build a stronger immune system. Cardio also helps some sleep more soundly. Rowers engage major muscle groups while increasing heart rate and oxygen intake.

2  Lose Weight

You can burn some serious calories and tone muscles. Rowing typically burns approximately 600 calories an hour which along with a healthy diet can be a powerful way to get fit.

3  Strong Upper Body

Your shoulders, traps and lats will do the heavy lifting which may improve your posture and help with any back pain. This is really a whole body workout because biceps, pecs and abs get involved, too.

4  Lower Body Workout

Legs will churn and burn, primarily the quads. But the calves and glutes also feel the work. Building strong legs and glutes actually burns calories at a faster rate because they are larger muscle groups plus it helps with flexibility and balance.

5  Easy & Fun to use

They’re fun and easy for all ages and abilities. Good technique will help max your workout and minimize the possibility of injury. Keep your core engaged, your back straight and maintain a smooth motion.

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