Tunturi UB 90 Pro Utiliy Bench - Home fitness equipment

Tunturi UB 90 Pro Utiliy Bench

This Tunturi UB 90 Pro Utility Bench is a great basis for various fitness exercises. The backrest and the seated part are in different positions, which makes it possible for you to adopt all kinds of training postures. For example, you can train your abdominal muscles by doing sit-ups and crunches. Bench presses can also be done with a barbell and a dumbbell support. Or just grab a set of dumbbells and start doing fly's, curls or extensions. In short, there are plenty of options when it comes to exercises with this adjustable utility bench!

The benefits of the Tunturi UB 90 Pro Utility Bench - Adjustable weight bench
✔ Includes TPR handle and transport wheels, which makes it easy to move it around
✔ Seat and backrest can be adjusted to various positions
✔ Compact design: ideal for at home or in the gym
✔ Many different exercises possible, especially in combination with other fitness accessories

Order the Tunturi UB 90 Pro Utility Bench and discover the possibilities of this handy weight bench!

• Dimensions (LWH): 144 x 67.5 x 126.5 cm.
• Weight: 35 kg.
• Quilted lining with reinforced corners
• Material cover: vinyl with foam padding
• Includes transport wheels and TPR handle
• Adjustable seat (3 positions)
• Adjustable backrest (8 positions)
• Excludes weights
• Color: Black
• Material: Steel | Vinyl | Foam