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Tunturi CT80 Core trainer

Work on your back and ab muscles, easily, on the same machine? You can! The Tunturi C80 Core Trainer is a complete core trainer: an angled bench, abdominal board, roman chair and hyper extension in one.

The benefits of the Tunturi CT80 Core Trainer
✓ Different training options, specifically for the upper body
✓ Back trainer, hyper extension bench, roman chair and abdominal board in one
✓ Leg rolls for extra variation
✓ Two people can workout together
✓ Compact and easily foldable

Vary the exercises and muscle groups
With this core trainer, you'll train much more than just your abs. With the CT80, you can train your back, buttocks and legs: the leg rolls ensure extra variation possibilities and offer stability during your workouts.

You can adjust the Tunturi CT80 Core Trainer according to your needs: adjust the height so you can train ergonomically. Set the roman chair from incline to flat, depending on your specific workout. All roller pads on this back trainer are foam-filled with heavy-duty upholstery: this way, you can work out comfortably and without a care.

Not much space at home? This core trainer is space-saving. You can make the CT80 considerably smaller thanks to the fold-down mechanism: Work out where you want to: the transport wheels help you move the machine without a fuss. The anti-slip rubber stops prevent damage to the floor. The frame, made of robust steel, ensures the necessary strength. The black matte powder coating finish gives the workout bench a sleek look.

Nothing is as fun as working out together. That's another possibility with this core trainer. Challenge your training partner and do leg raises, leg curls and sit-ups: this is a small sample of the many exercises that you can do on the CT80.

The weight bench's maximum user weight is 150 kg (330.7 lbs).

Order this Tunturi CT80 and train your upper body in different workouts.

Overview of specifications
• Foldable: dimensions when pulled out: L: 148 cm (58.3 inches). W: 62.5 cm (24.6 inches). H: 90 cm (35.4 inches).
• Foldable: dimensions when folded: L: 146 cm (57.5 inches). W: 62.5 cm (24.6 inches). H: 47 cm (18.5 inches)
• Frame: steel
• Leg press roller pads: foam and vinyl
• Anti-slip rubber stops
• Transport wheels
• Maximum user weight: 150 kg (330.7 lbs)
• Weight: 24 kg (52.9 lbs)