HAMMER BOXING Punching Bag Premium Black Kick - Home fitness equipment

HAMMER BOXING Punching Bag Premium Black Kick

Premium boxing equipment for ambitious punching bag training. 100cm quality artificial leather for hard, professional workout sequences. Uncompromising equipment for a professional start at home. The HAMMER punching bag Black Kick brings everything you need for realistic "training with an opponent" in the comfort of your own home. The Black Kick punching bag is made of durable and washable premium artificial leather in a sporty, masculine black. The punching bag's length and the quality of its outer surface is very ideal for kick techniques! HAMMER punching bag Black Kick - the perfect power punching bag for your own home boxing studio! 

Boxing can result in the following workout results:

  • Improved coordination and punch
  • Improved endurance and condition
  • Muscle build-up, in particular in the upper body such as shoulders, biceps, triceps and back
  • Development of an attractive "V-shape" and a strong, muscular upper body



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