ELLIPTICALS, also known as CROSS TRAINERS, work both the upper and lower part of the body, effectively engaging almost all muscles at the same time and improving bone strength and formation

These cardio machines offer low impact to knees and hips while burning high calories. They improve balance and mobility and help you gain motion in your hips. By increasing the incline, you will activate more muscles and burn yet more calories. Check out our Tanturi® and Star Trac® models.



1  Lots of Muscles

Ellipticals engage many muscles while bolstering cardio at the same time. That’s a win-win. This increases muscle and cardio endurance, and it can also help with weight loss and other fitness goals.

2  Easier on Joints

Low-impact is easier on joints and significantly reduces the risk of injury or soreness. If you’ve got sensitivities with ankles, knees or hips, ellipticals keep you moving without aggravating your condition.

3  Flexibility of Workout

Pre-programmed workout routines can be adjusted which lets you choose workouts which vary by difficulty. Over time, you can increase intensity to match your fitness progress.

4  Hands Free

Your legs will be cranking and your arms and hands may be, too. But you can still listen to music, watch a program or read.

5   Easy to share

The low-impact yet effective workout is super popular at home or in commercial settings where different people of all ages and stages of life want to get in shape.